· Review the list of potential resolutions generated in Week 8 and identify the resolution you deem most likely to address the identified problem. 

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September 20, 2021
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· Review the list of potential resolutions generated in Week 8 and identify the resolution you deem most likely to address the identified problem. 

  1. Application: Proposed Resolution 

    The last component of the Capstone Project involves the identification and critical analysis of a potential resolution to the identified problem. In this Application Assignment you will critically analyze one of the potential resolutions you proposed in Week 8. What would be the challenges and barriers to implementing the resolution?


    To prepare:

    · Review the “Problem Solving Template” (located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar), paying particular attention to the section on analyzing the solution.

    · Review the list of potential resolutions generated in Week 8 and identify the resolution you deem most likely to address the identified problem.

    · Review the feedback provided in the Week 8 Discussion.

    · Consider the following questions for the resolution you have selected:


    o Is the resolution realistic?

    o What are the consequences of the resolution, and who would be impacted?

    o What would be the challenges and barriers to implementing the resolution?

    Week 8

    After reviewing the problem-solving template, I understood that the first analysis explains about the co-morbidity issue, which involves two or more diseases happening at the same duration or recurring on one individual. However, this issue develops in a person because of the abusive consumption of drugs, which lead to changes in brain noticeably. Additionally, these substances influence a person’s normal arrangement of desires and want to make distinct priorities connected with acquiring and utilizing substances. Other effects associated with co-morbidity addicted drug users include distress and emotional diseases.

    In many cases, the co-morbidity issues are caused by severe factors which result in substance misuse and brain-related disorders which develop from intersecting agents like hereditary and epigenesist state of being weak. Moreover, the analysis indicates that other studies illustrate that the issue of co-morbidity entangles what people are susceptible to establish drug misuse and brain relates sickness, and sometime, be at the chance of getting another different illness (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2018)

    Additionally, the potential resolution to this problem involves the use of prevention and intervention methods. , for example, the use of some critical treatments to control anxiety in a patient The treatment programs like assertive community have worked well for patients who accept to adhere to doctors prescriptions during the onset of the disease to lower its percentage. However, the drugs used to solve co-morbidity disease are effective and cost-effective, meaning they cure the disorder, and they do not require a lot of capital for patients to buy them. Nevertheless, the disadvantage associated with this problem is that not all substances which have been used to all patients have worked effectively. Also, when some of the drugs are used, they may lead to other destructive conditions to patient health.

    On the other hand, the second critical analysis that environmental destruction is one among the factors which result in substance misuse and mental problems. The study explains more about substance misuse and psychological problems which develop on people because of the environment that shapes their ways of living. Environment happens to be the leading cause of these problems according to analysis two. Also, other factors like distress and trauma can result in the same issue, hence making youngster develop this problem in the future. The act of observing and copying what other individuals perform can also force some people to copy the action of addicted people hence, putting them on the same actions which can later impact their braining functionality (Sherri, 2019).

    Moreover, brain illnesses are also connected to causing this problem because they may contribute to memory interruptions and sensitivity. Another cause of this drug addiction and mental illness issue is the hereditary factor, whereby many studies show that 50 percent of addiction issues are due to the hereditary influences. The last cause involves epigenetic factor, which includes gene translation actions that later result in alteration of how human cells behave after genetic information is communicated. These alterations, in most cases, alter the functionality of the brain and cause this problem.

    Generally, the potential resolutions to these problems involve some integrated techniques. For example, the treatment of brain illnesses may include the use of some medications, counseling programs, the introduction of new lifestyles, and help from peers. On the other end, solving the problem of drug abuse may include approaches like detoxification, control of withdrawal signs, treatment of some behaviors, and assistance from professionals to maintain client health. These resolutions are advantageous to many people because they are effective and cost-effective. The resolutions are also linked to challenges like the development of other body complications to people who use them simultaneously, and some are not effective to all individuals (Joanna, at el., 2019). Relapses are other disadvantages of the drugs used to cure these disorders, although they occur during the recovery process.

    Additionally, the practice of exercising continuously or doing changing eating styles can be a great technique in solving these problems because it does not need capital and can change the mood of a patient without the use of any medication. Advice from other support teams can educate an individual on how to recover from such problems, and maintain a healthy life (Joanna, at el., 2019).

    In summary, both drug abuse and mental disorders have almost similar causes and effects on people, and their treatment techniques are also similar. People should understand the leading causes and symptoms of these problems, and learn how to use the early invention to prevent them before onset.


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