00:16>> Now as most of you know, for several years00:18>> the company has treated all the

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January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021

00:16>> Now as most of you know, for several years00:18>> the company has treated all the

00:16>> Now as most of you know, for several years

00:18>> the company has treated all the


00:20>> to a Thanksgiving meal in the cafeteria

00:23>> the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

00:25>> It’s quite the production.

00:27>> A caterer delivers all the food and sets it all up,

00:30>> but the executive staff always serves the meal

00:33>> to show appreciation to the employees.

00:35>> You know, a gesture of goodwill and gratitude.

00:38>> This has always been a big event,

00:39>> and everyone seems to enjoy it, but last year there

00:42>> were several problems that made things somewhat difficult.

00:46>> [LAUGHTER]

00:47>> Yeah.

00:48>> As you’ll recall, we served the first shift in three groups

00:52>> to keep the lines moving.

00:53>> Unfortunately, the caterer was late last year,

00:56>> which caused us to go behind schedule.

00:59>> This gave the first lunch group only a few minutes

01:01>> to finish their food before they had to go back to work.

01:04>> And then the second lunch group was

01:05>> upset because the line was too long because they were still

01:08>> serving the first group.

01:11>> The third group complained because there

01:13>> were no good pieces of turkey, and there

01:16>> was no pecan pie left.

01:19>> Second shift employees complained

01:20>> that the executive staff didn’t serve the meal

01:24>> even though second lunch doesn’t even start until after 8:00 PM.

01:28>> They said this is because they aren’t as valued

01:30>> as the first shift.

01:32>> Someone even filed a grievance with the union.

01:35>> Now, we solved this by writing a formal explanation

01:38>> and an apology, but it was just really difficult to deal with.

01:43>> They are always complaining about something.

01:46>> I’m sick of it.

01:47>> Never any gratitude for what this company

01:49>> does for its employees.

01:50>> Do you know how much this costs every year?

01:53>> And so I’ve decided we’re not going to do it this year.

01:56>> [GASPING]

01:57>> Yeah!

01:58>> Fantastic.

01:58>> Slow down, now.

02:00>> I’m not getting rid of Thanksgiving entirely,

02:02>> but I have come up with something

02:04>> that I think will work.

02:07>> Caitlin, please explain.

02:09>> OK.

02:10>> Despite last year’s problems, we don’t want to simply eliminate

02:13>> the tradition.

02:14>> So instead of having a catered meal,

02:16>> we’ve decided to give a turkey to every employee.

02:19>> According to accounting, this will save a lot of money

02:23>> and also demonstrate our thanks to our employees.

02:27>> That’s a great idea.

02:28>> Everyone loves turkey.

02:29>> OK.

02:30>> Caitlin, now why don’t you tell them the rest?

02:32>> I have a feeling they might not be so enthusiastic.

02:37>> I’m sure you’ll all agree that a key to our continued success

02:41>> is the strong, positive corporate culture that we’ve

02:44>> been able to develop and maintain.

02:46>> And some of you may not realize this,

02:48>> but that’s due to the connection you’ve

02:49>> been able to establish with your employees

02:52>> and how you foster a sense of teamwork

02:54>> within your departments.

02:55>> That’s why Terry– um, we– decided that each one of you

03:02>> should hand deliver your turkey to your employees

03:04>> and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

03:06>> What!

03:07>> Look, Caitlin, I understand where

03:10>> you’re coming from on this, but wouldn’t it

03:12>> be more practical to let people pick up their turkeys

03:14>> in the cafeteria as they leave?

03:16>> I mean, you only have, what?

03:19>> A dozen people in HR?

03:21>> so it would only take you about 10 minutes to hand out turkeys.

03:24>> I have 150 employees on the first shift alone and 80

03:29>> more on the second shift.

03:30>> Do you realize how much time it will

03:32>> be to deliver that many turkeys to everyone?

03:35>> Stan, I know you might not be happy about this,

03:38>> but I’m going to defer to Caitlin’s judgement on this.

03:40>> She is the HR pro here, and she seems

03:42>> to feel this is the way to go.

03:45>> I won’t even be in town that day.

03:46>> And what about vegetarians?

03:48>> I doubt that they’re going to want turkey in the first place.

03:51>> Has anyone even thought about the logistics of this thing?

03:55>> I mean, where are we going to keep hundreds of frozen turkeys

03:59>> while we hand these things out?

04:01>> And what do we do when someone’s not here that day,

04:03>> if they’re on vacation or they’re sick?

04:06>> And who wants a frozen turkey on the day before Thanksgiving?

04:09>> Can’t we just give them gift certificates?

04:12>> That way they could go and–

04:13>> All right, that’s enough.

04:15>> Let’s cut through all this right now.

04:17>> First of all, the decision has been made.

04:19>> It’s not up for discussion.

04:21>> I’m not interested in your lame excuses.

04:24>> If you don’t like it, I suggest you

04:25>> start working on your resumes.

04:27>> Furthermore, I better see everyone

04:29>> passing out turkeys on Thanksgiving.

04:32>> Otherwise, don’t come back after Thanksgiving.

04:35>> Any questions?

04:36>> Hm?

04:38>> No?

04:40>> Then this meeting’s over.

a. Ty is quick to affirm​ Terry’s idea to distribute turkeys by describing it as a​ “win-win.” Of the techniques listed in


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