HC 306 week 5 Purchase Proposal Research
November 22, 2020
Assignment 2: Inclusion versus Segregation
November 22, 2020

2 assignments

Mod 1 due 7-7-2017

Using the criteria in the prospectus template, how would you evaluate your work to date if you were using the assessment criteria to complete the assignment rubric and grade this assignment? Why?

Mod 2 due 7-8-2017

The “Dissertation Milestone Guide” indicates that Chapter 2 (Literature Review) and Chapter 3 (Methodology) of the proposal will be developed prior to Chapter 1. Explain why it is important to complete Chapter 2 before completing Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 in the proposal. What additional questions do you have on the step-by-step dissertation process and deliverables outlined in the “Dissertation Milestone Guide?”

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