January 12, 2021
Is the issue of mothers using illicit drugs more of a legal or medical concern? Why do you think that?
January 12, 2021

300 words and 2 sources cited

Compare and contrast single-member districts and proportional representation (PR). How effective is each electoral system in representing its people’s interests? How do they support the party systems around which they arose?

This discussion question focuses on elections.

Along with your textbook reading for the week, here’s some additional reading to consider about elections:

Arend Lijphart, “PR v. Single-Member Districts in States,” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Please remember to use an outside source in the main post, which needs to be submitted on or before Wednesday.

Please also remember that the original post must be at least 300 words. Must use this book and outside scholarly source.

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