September 20, 2021
humi arts ideas amp values discussions middle of the term progress check
September 20, 2021

4 questions plus refeneces

I need 4 questions answered by Sunday 2/15/15 @10pm CST.

Each answer needs to 200 words plus references.


1. A cultural profile is a good starting point to help managers develop some tentative expectations—some cultural context—as a backdrop to managing in a specific international setting. Using the GLOBE cultural dimensions, what are the first four dimensions and their usefulness to managers? Explain.


2.  What are the four value dimensions developed by Hofstede? Explain each of them.



3.  What are the differences in a low-context culture and a high-context culture? How would you advise a friend with a low-context culture to do business in a high-context culture?


4.  What are four value dimensions developed by Trompenaars? Explain each of them.



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