mba 610 project 3 2
September 11, 2021
health care project thesis and outline
September 11, 2021


Although a seemingly basic question, the difference between a dataset and a database has important implications for how data is applied in practice—how it is viewed, extracted, and importantly for the nurse informaticist, how it is exchanged. In this Discussion, you examine this difference.

This Discussion has two components. The first component prompts you to consider different types of datasets or databases within professional practice. 

The second component aligns with the Assignment in this module, where you will interview a professional nurse informaticist. In this component, you post draft questions in the Discussion for feedback from your colleagues.

To Prepare

· Review the Resources and consider the differences between datasets and databases.

· Reflect on the types of data obtained and how they are used in sharing across health information systems.

· Review the Module 2 Assignment.

· Review the requirements of the Assignment and the guidelines for developing interview questions.

· Develop a set of draft questions to post as the second component of your Discussion.

Post a response explaining the differences between datasets and databases. Explain how you might use each type of data in your professional practice. Be specific and provide examples. Then, post the questions you plan to ask your interviewee during your scheduled interview for your module Assignment.

McBride, S., & Tietze, M. (2019). Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse: Patient safety, quality, outcomes, and interprofessionalism (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing.

Chapter 11, “Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges Providing Value and Results for Patients, Providers, and Healthcare Systems” (pp. 248–271)

Chapter 13, “Public Health Data to Support Healthy Communities in Health Assessment Planning” (pp. 296–331)


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