January 14, 2021
political science 104
January 14, 2021

A Closer at Hispanic Populations

Directions: This assignment consists of two short answer questions and is worth 30 points.

The following short answer assignment consists of 1-2 case scenarios accompanied by a total of 2 questions. The questions will require you to apply the concepts described in this lesson to specific case scenarios.

While it is important to remember that we are talking about cultures in general terms that do not always apply to specific individuals, for the purposes of this assignment some degree of “heritage consistency” can be assumed

Response to each question must be in the form of a 100 to 250-word well-developed paragraph, with well-developed sentences, correct spelling, and proper grammar. It is important to review the lesson objectives and be sure to demonstrate your achievement of those objectives in your response

Cite all sources of information, including your textbook, using last name and page numbers in parenthesis in the text; for a book: (Author’s last name, year, p. ###). Provide a resource list at the conclusion of the assignment formatted as in this example: Author’s last name, first initial. (year). Title in italics. Location of publisher: Publisher


You are on duty in the emergency room when a couple enters, seeking care for Thomas a 6-month old Mexican baby. Upon physical exam, you notice that the boy’s fontanelle is depressed. The mother indicates he has been vomiting and having diarrhea for the past day or two and is not nursing well. The family has considered approaching a curandera, but a neighbor indicated that they may be better served in the local emergency department. Fortunately, you are on duty and bring your expertise in transcultural health care to the situation.

Question 1: Compare and contrast the interpersonal style (i.e. bedside manner) of a curanderismo and an allopathic care provider.

Question 2: Compare and contrast how this condition would be diagnosed and treated in allopathic medicine vs. Curanderismo? Why is cultural competence particularly important in this case.

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