Action Research and Evidence-Based Practice

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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Action Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Imagine that you are working as a counselor on one of the smaller Hawaiian Islands. On this island, the client population is made up of individuals from Hawaiian, Tongan, Asian, Mexican, and European descent. You discover the people have little exposure to the larger outside world, have parents with limited education, and have little hope for employment outside of the tourist trade. You also realize that the client population has poor graduation rates.

As a counselor and scholar practitioner, you would turn to the professional literature to help you understand the phenomenon and to guide your development of an intervention strategy. Unfortunately, because the issues you face are so specific, there would be little to guide you in your decision making.

Action research is a hands-on process that could be used to gain a greater understanding of the underlying problems in your system and to determine real-world solutions. For this Discussion, you review strategies for conducting action research, and evaluate the applicability of action research to developing evidence-based practices.

Post by Day 4 a summary of a proposed action research study you may conduct for a client from the scenario provided. Explain how this study might be effective for counseling. Be sure to support your post with scholarly references.

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