african american society research paper

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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

african american society research paper

Your research paper (8 double-spaced typed pages) is due in class on Tuesday。

You must choose a late twentieth-century or contemporary topic in African-American society.

The title is important. Think carefully about the title of your paper and how it describes

your research project in a few key words.

In the Introduction, explain the primary argument and contribution of your research in a

paragraph. What key insights from scholars have you applied to your own work? Why is

your paper’s argument, question or overarching issue important?

In the body of your paper which spans several pages, you present your research and

develop your overarching argument in carefully written paragraphs. Edit and revise your

paper before you submit it. Do use footnotes or endnotes to document every paragraph of

your writing. Every paragraph of your paper should be documented with evidence from

scholarship (books and/or journal articles) and documentary films. Do not use discussions

of your topic on websites. Consult a style guide for the proper format for the footnotes or

endnotes. A paper without documentation will not be accepted in this class.

The Conclusion spans one large paragraph, in which you summarize the key insights that

you presented in your paper. Here discuss what you learned from your research and the

scholarship you used in the paper.

The Bibliography is the last page of your paper and it must include at least 10 scholarly

sources. Consult a style guide for the proper construction of your bibliography.


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