lawsuit involving discrimination in the selection criteria and methods used for hiring or a promotion
February 26, 2021
estimate that your company will sell 51000 per year and that this product will sell for $750 each.
February 26, 2021


The Alibaba Group of companies consists of many innovative companies in the retail and technology space, including the ecommerce company, the financial services company Ant Financial, and many others. These companies are known to be particularly innovative users of data in their business, from the operational to the strategic levels.

Write a brief essay of approximately 500 words describing one use of data by an Alibaba Group company that you think is particularly innovative. Describe the sources of data, discuss the potential business value of their use of the data, and discuss briefly whether, and how, their use of data fits in our Analytic Value Escalator.

You will need to do web research to gather information to write your essay(Use APA Format).Please document all your sources of information in your essay (these references do not count towards the word limit).


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