natural law book review | PLCY 701 – Natural Law, The State & The Gospel | Liberty University
October 10, 2021
In the Articles folder, read The Importance of the Clan in Iraq. Using the Culture notes and chapter discuss this article. Who is speaking? What are his main points? How is this relevant to Culture and Sociology? 
October 10, 2021

Analysis | Sociology homework help

1. Carefully read the Instructions and Required Template for Analyses (UPLOADED HERE).  PLease follow this template. 

2. Analyse the source:

Without Scientific Literacy, Our Planet is Doomed (Links to an external site.) (watch the very brief video).

Use the above template.

3. Cite from Chapters 2 and 3 of the book: ” Discover Sociology” 5th edition by Diana S. Eglitis and Susan L. Wortman. 

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