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March 29, 2021
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March 29, 2021

analytical essay 13

Drawn from the readings and analysis of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, your essay will analyze the functions of each of these two documents and provide an analysis of their similarities and differences as they relate to America as a country and society.

Your analysis of these two historical documents should address:
– under the Declaration of Independence, issues inalienable rights and what is meant by the consent of the governed (I strongly recommend adding those terms to your essay), and
– under the United States Constitution, separation of powers and application of this concept in society.

We did not effectively cover these issues of the Constitution in our crowd-sourcing exercise and I remind you of the discussion we had in class of the separation of powers; the legislature (legislative branch), Supreme Court (judicial branch), and executive branch each have equal powers and represent checks and balances on the power of each other of these three branches. I strongly recommend adding some text to this effect to the crowd-sourced materials that you will be finishing up independently.

Please recall that the portions coming to you from other groups in class may or may not have adequate / accurate in-text citations, mostly lacked references, and the product shared from our crowd-sourced did not fully address some of the content and concepts discussed above.

Your essay will be in APA format – at least FIVE pages of: cover page (1), essay text with in-text citations (3+ pages), and a final page (1) of references – all based on class readings, class discussion, and your require additional independent research.


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