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February 21, 2021
business law 166
February 21, 2021

Answer Two Sets Of Questions


For your Paper, you will have to answer two sets of questions (you must answer both):

(1)Among all the topics we talked about this quarter (i.e. student loan debt, poverty, homelessness, addiction, etc.) which one was most interesting to you? Why?

(2)What social problems topic would you like to see added to a future iteration of this class? In what ways is the topic you have identified both a personal trouble and public issue? 

Please produce a written response that answers both sets of questions. Your written responses must be between 500-600 words.

pre-requisite?Most Interesting in the topic of inequality than others(like i.e. student loan debt, poverty, homelessness, addiction). This is my inequality paper before, talking around inequality, and have same basic understanding as my previous paper, but don’t copy it PLZ. Thanks!


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