find examples of current or past uses of propaganda / media to influence perception in the context of a “witch…
September 11, 2021
Informational Interview Sharing
September 11, 2021

Assignment 1,2,3,6

Assignment 1 answer should be a minimum of 4 sentences1. What’s the difference between Katz saying that violence is about violentmasculinityrather than about violentmales? Explain.2. How is homophobia relevant in this conversation about manhood? What about sexism? Do you see a common thread between how homophobia and sexism work to keep young men in line with cultural norms of manhood? Explain.3. What can we do to help men and boys to feel they don’t need to put on a”TOUGH GUISE” (Links to an external site.)to be seen as “real men?”Assignment 2 answer should be a minimum of  4 sentences1.What surprised you the most about the film?2.How canYOUchange the way media portrays women and girls?3. Any parts of the film that did not sit right with you?Assignment 3 answer should be a minimum of 4 sentences1. Puberty blockers are currently being given totransgender or questioning children to delay the onsetof physical traits that don’t match with their genderidentity. Describe what you think are the benefits and/or the consequences of this approach. (1 paragraph)2. How and why does our culture pre-condition childrento certain gender roles? Are there historical reasonswhy these habits have evolved? If so, are thesehistorical conditions still valid today? (1 paragraph)3. What is the legal status of transgender individuals inour state? (The Transgender Law Center webpage at to an external site.)provide a startingplace to find out). Are you satisfied with existinglaws or would you like to see those laws reformed? Why? (1 paragraph)Assignment 6 answer should be a minimum of 3-4 sentences.1. What surprised you the most about this film?2. Birthright talks about various systems and inequalities that are intersecting with (and relevant to) reproductive rights and freedoms. Name theTOP 2systems/inequalities you believe is most important and why (e.g. the political system, the prison industrial system, misogyny/sexism and racism, poverty,  etc)3. Whose voices are missing from this documentary?


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