Module 1 Homework Assignment
October 10, 2021
Community needs assessment in riverbend city
October 10, 2021

Biology (The Scientific Method)

Provide the completed work in a word doc.Part (A)A group of 10 overweight patients have increased levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Based on this limited information and using the scientific method:I. Develop a question followed by a hypothesis. Then . .II. Design a brief experiment to test your hypothesis (make sure to indicate a control) and describe predicted results.Part (B)   Answer the following questions:How can we possibly define life? Or, how can we tell when something is alive?Are there certain characteristics which make us say that an animal (a cat or a dog) is alive as opposed to a chunk of rock?As a response to this Topic, describe at least one characteristic that you think is shared by all things that are alive and explain why you think it’s important. Feel free to be as creative as you like!! Also feel free to dispute the characteristics described in the text or those suggested by your fellow classmates.


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