Bus210 week 8 | Management homework help

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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021

Bus210 week 8 | Management homework help

Question 1

This week’s assignment aligns with Chapter 16, “Motivating Employees.” Read the chapter and watch the video below.  You are a manager that supervises six very diverse workers (male, female, older, younger, different ethnic groups and nationalities, and various life stages). Explain how you would motivate your employees to keep them inspired.

Must Know Tips for How to Motivate Employees – Small Business Management Techniques – YouTube
Remember, there is a minimum 100-word requirement for each initial posting.
Question 2
The video below aligns with Chapter 15.  Watch the video and explain organizational behavior and how the study of organizational behavior helps managers.
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Prof. Cruz
Organizational Behavior Explained in 99 Seconds

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