business proposal plzzz its not business plane makesure okyyyy 1 answer below »

Assuming that the conditions of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium are met, determine the genotype and phenotype frequencies in the second generation of
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Describe the website you have chosen, and then explain how it does (or does not) perform the criteria you established above.
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business proposal plzzz its not business plane makesure okyyyy 1 answer below »

Assessment 2
Assessment Type: Business Proposal – group ( no more than 2 students in a group) or an individual assessment is also suuitable – 2500 – 3500 word report and 10 minute presentation.
Purpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to demonstrate their ability to apply the theoretical concepts and models to real world current situations. As a group activity it also allows students to further develop their team work skills and professional presentation and communications skills. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b, c, d and e.
Value: Total 50% Report 30% Presentation 20%
Due Date: Group and topic finalisation Week 4 in class All reports due 5.00 pm 24th September 2014 Presentations Weeks 10 & 11 – specific dates will be advised during trimester.
Please note that while this assessment is not due until the end of term, groups should start working on the assessment as early in term as possible to maximise their chances of obtaining a good mark. Groups that leave the assessment until week 9 or later are unlikely to do well.
Submission: Reports: Step 1 – upload to Turnitin for similarity checkingTeams need to upload 1 copy of their submission to Turnitin for similarity checking – you will receive an email from Turnitin regarding access sent to the email given to KOI when enrolling. If you have not received this email by the end of week 4, please contact your tutor immediately. Step 2 – upload to Moodle for markingOnce you are happy with the level of similarity, the assessment needs to be uploaded to Moodle for marking.Reports not submitted to both Turnitin and Moodle as required may not be marked.Only one copy of the report should be uploaded to Moodle and to Turnitin – please see the Assessment submission instructions in Moodle – i.e. groups are to nominate 1 member to upload any drafts plus the final submissions
Presentations: Oral presentation supported by appropriate visual aids – all group members MUST participate.
Topic: An entrepreneurial business proposal – budget $400,000 for the first year.
Task Details: An Entrepreneurial Venture – groups are to develop an entrepreneurial product or service that could be commercialised. The group is to assume it is seeking funding of up to $300,000 to add to the existing funds of $100,000, and include a financial plan for the use of these funds for the first financial year.The product or service should be original and producible (i.e. no science fiction). The primary target market should be local, although secondary markets may be reached via the internet. Pricing, distribution and promotion strategies should reflect this.To assist groups in managing their progress, all groups should be finalised by week 4 and advise the tutor of their chosen product or service and primary market for approval.The proposal should be communicated in a 2500 – 3500 word report, containing all relevant detail and supporting evidence (in attachments), and a presentations as if to a potential financer. The presentation should be a sale pitch for the business venture.
Presentation: Report: Students should present this idea/venture in a 2500 – 3500 word report containing:
1) A Title Page (consider the design – it needs to look attractive and professional)2) Executive Summary3) Table of Contents4) Background (to the idea)5) Mission6) Product (Service) offering7) Market analysisa) Industry analysisb) Competition8) Primary Target market9) Marketinga) Product (probably similar to section 3 above – additional detail where necessary)b) Pricingc) Distributiond) Promotion10) Financial plan11) Critical risks12) Reference list identifying all sources used – these should also be found in the body of the report where used and referenced using Harvard – Anglia style referencing.13) Attachments as required.
Remember, images of the product, brand and promotions will add value to the report.
Oral Presentation: Presentations should be a “sales pitch” covering the main elements as below – detail should be contained in the report. Information can be covered in any order in the presentation, but should contain all main elements of the Report.
All group members must participate in the presentation. While it is not expected that you will “dress” for the presentation, students should make an effort to look clean and tidy at least.
You will need to present your product marketing proposal to the class in a presentation lasting NO LONGER THAN 15 minutes. It is strongly recommended that these are prepared well in advance of the presentation date, and make some effort to practice their presentation. This will improve the presentation overall, and give groups a chance to improve and time manage their presentations.
The class represents the funding source that will authorise funding for your group to proceed if they are persuaded your ideas and product marketing proposal will be effective.
Groups should use any visual aids they need to “SELL” their ideas to the managing body. More involving (better) presentations use more than just a set of power-point slides.
Marking Guides:
Element Marks AvailableIntroduction / Background• Introduction clearly outlines the purpose and scope of the report• Clear explanation of opportunity / solution 5Market Analysis• Clear and evidence based analysis of the industry• Clear and meaningful competitor analysis – including how the product/service better meets customer needs than available alternatives 15Target Market• Clearly identified and quantified where possible – supported with evidence• Are suitable segmentation terms used?• Are the primary needs/benefits identified? 10Marketing• Clearly explains the product / service in sufficient detail?• Is brand and packaging clearly described (if relevant)?• Are ideas original and do they provide a suitable solution to the need identified?• Are promotion, Delivery and pricing clearly explained in sufficient detail? 10Strategies and Tactics• Are they logical for the solution, the target market and the funds available?• Is a 1 page mock-up of a print ad or other promotion image included?• Is it original and does it sell the product/service in a meaningful way?• Is it clearly based on the message map? 20Financial Plan• Within budget?• Covers all logical expenses?• Realistic given the market etc.? 10Critical Risks• Are the critical risks identified and explained clearly and logically? 5Research• Are ideas supported with any evidence?• Is the evidence sourced from appropriate sources? 10Presentation• Professionally presented as per assessment task• References presented correctly as per Harvard system and student guides• Written communication is clear – spell checked, proof-read and grammatically correct 15
Total 100Late Penalty (if applied) = -5% per day
Report Total Marks 30

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