Multicultural counseling and therapy (mct) discussion
June 6, 2021
Assignment 2: Intake Interview AnalysisBy the due date assigned, respond to the assignment presented below.As we have discussed, interviewing skills can be used in a wide variety of settings. Let us n
June 6, 2021
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Can anyone help?? | Accounting homework help

Module 01 – The Accounting Equation
The conceptual framework reminds you that revenues are recognized when earned and not necessarily when collected. Also, expenses are recorded when incurred (used), not necessarily when paid. This is known as accrual accounting.
Bill Smith opened Smith Construction on April 1, 2010. Review the transactions and financial position of Smith Construction for April in the Excel Template.

Enter the transactions for May into the accounting equation, calculating new balance after each entry.
Prepare the Income Statement for the month of May.
Prepare the Statement of Retained Earnings for the Month of May.
Prepare the Balance Sheet as of May 31, 20xx.

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