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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021


Hi Henryprofessor,

Can you answer Questions 4A and 4B? thank you

Question 4A: What are your impressions of the counselors’ use of cultural principles with this client system? Do you think that the clients gained any insight on the impact that culture might have on their situation? On a rating scale of 1-10, with 10 representing cultural competence and 1 representing a lack of cultural competence, what rank would you assign and why? And most importantly, how might you incorporate cultural considerations into your work with clients in career counseling? How might culture have an impact on how they view the world of work and their options? (Think again about Linda Gottfredson’s theory and if cultural considerations come into play.) Alert: Question 4B continues on the next page!!

Question 4B: Discuss the impact that culture (and that could be your ethnic background, your family background, what you’ve learned from the roles models around you [or lack thereof], influence of the media, etc.) has had on your own career development. Make connections to the reading for this week (where applicable). You have to create your own post before you can read anyone else’s, but you are welcome to REPLY to your OWN post if you have insights or additional awareness as a result of reading the posts offered by your classmates. (Information from this post will be incorporated into your Career Autobiography due April 8.)


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