Certification, Professional Development, and Ethics

Nursing Research Critique with Evidence Table—This is an Evidence base research on nursing bedside reporting
March 8, 2022
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March 8, 2022
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Certification, Professional Development, and Ethics

 A minumum of 350 words required with at lease 2 references, 1 reference from Cooper,
J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, &. W. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd ed.). Pearson Education Inc,
and one from a Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.
Do a search for articles in your planned area of specialization/interest within the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. For example, if your specialization is developmental disabilities, type “developmental disabilities” into the search. If you are planning on going into counseling, you might put “contingency contracting” or “social skills training” in the search. Your article choice must be from the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.
Your search should return a number of articles. Review the titles to find a topic that is of interest to you. Read the article. Then complete the following:

Provide a brief discussion of your area of planned specialization
Briefly discuss how you will use applied behavior analysis within your future career (using the article as an example of how you can apply behavior analytic principles in any career)
Discuss how certification can help you achieve your professional goals in your area(s) of interest
Describe one ethical guideline from this unit’s reading that you will need to follow in your future career. Provide an example of how you will meet this guideline.

Remember to cite and reference the article in APA
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