Chapter 3: The Brain & Nervous System (Required

Explain what neurological assessment data should be collected from the patient to ensure any neurological deficit is identified?
March 30, 2021
answer questions with a substantial amount of information in essay format
March 30, 2021

Chapter 3: The Brain & Nervous System (Required

elow are several videos associated with material found in Chapter 3 of the course text. After watching videos and reading Chapter 3 text material, develop a response to the ideas that follow:

The Behaving Brain (26 min) – This is an older film segment, but still relevant with regard to basic brain functioning. In particular, I like students to focus on the fMRI (functional MRI) segment, the uses and limitations of using fMRI to determine a person’s emotional state, or for the purpose of diagnosis.

Mirror Neurons video: Mirror Neurons are an interesting and newer phenomenon related to social learning, also addressed in Chapter 3. Comment or ask questions as useful.

Severed Corpus Callosum Experiment: Split Brain Example (13 min) This segment is an example of the split brain phenomenon, shown through a real life case study. (This is a video segment of a longer film series – only watch the first 5 segments of material for this chapter/topic)

For your discussion post:

  • Share some facts/ideas/concepts about the brain that you learned about the brain and nervous system (even if you already knew some things, focus on aspects of brain functioning that catch your attention, or help develop further questions)
  • Discuss any ideas related to the effects that are created as a result of severing the corpus callosum.
  • Based on your chapter reading and viewing of film material – how do you see the brain as being influential on the totality of human functioning? Explain.
  • From the Behaving Brain video – what are your reflections of the use of fMRI for determining a person’s emotional or mental state? What are the implications of using fMRI for such determinations?
  • Ask/pose any questions you have based on material from Chapter 3.


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