What factor or combination of factors in societies leads to the inclusion and sometimes celebration of transgenderism?
October 18, 2020
This 62-year old male patient was admiited to the hospital with progressive eposodes of chest pain determined to be crescendo angina.
October 18, 2020

Communication assig 2

1. Describe the concept of organizational culture. Include how organizational culture can be used to effectively lead and what factors can contribute to that culture. 200 words

2. Describe four of the eight nonverbal messages. Provide a real-life example for each illustration. 200 words

3. Illustrate three of the six ways of communicating supportive verbal messages. Provide a real-life example for each illustration. 200 words

4. Present three of the five types of organizational power. Provide a description of each type, a real-life example or scenario of a person with that power, as well as any potential abuses of that power. 200 words

5. Define the four leadership approaches. Give a real-life scenario or example for each approach. 200 words


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