Communication strategy in healthcare Academic Essay

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September 17, 2020
September 17, 2020

Communication strategy in healthcare Academic Essay

Health care around the world is in a constant state of change. As such, organizations are needing to adapt to the changing health care environment. Effective health care leaders are skilled communicators.
For this assignment, students will identify an organization-wide change (real or fictitious) that needs to happen within a health care organization. Students will outline a communication plan that permeates throughout the organization of that change. Consider the following common general areas of change health care is currently undergoing as a general direction, and identify a specific aspect of the area in which you have an interest:
• Cost management
• Information management
• System/process management
• Patient care management
1. Write an APA 6th edition formatted paper (suggested 5-7 pages, excluding title and reference pages), including the following topics
a. identified area for change,
b. an organizational chart for the health care facility
i. you may wish to include (and cite/reference) an existing organizational chart from a real organization
c. discuss a communication plan for the change, aIDressing each level of the organization identified on the organizational chart, and
d. base the rationale for the communication plan on authoritative sources (at least 3 sources/references)
2. Submit the assignment to
3. Submit the following documents to this assignment:
a. the communication plan, and
b. Originality Report (PDF version).

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