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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021

Create A Question

Directions: In this class, “Create-A-Question” CAQ assignments are designed to help you synthesize and apply the knowledge you’re gaining in this class.By practicing writing a test question, you are ensuring you really understand the material. Please be creative and stick to the themes, content, and concepts of Modules 5 – 8 of our course.Once you complete this assignment, you will be able to see other folks’ responses – and it can serve as a great review for you as you prepare for Exam 2!To earn full credit for this assignment, you will need to:(1) develop a multiple-choice question, including a short prompt and at least 4 possible answers,covering any material in Modules 5 through 8(3 pts) (Please stick to the new materials covered in this second portion of the course to earn this full point)(2) indicate which multiple-choice question is correct by bolding or highlighting the correct response (1 pt)(3) explain briefly why this answer is correct (1 pt)Feeling stumped on whattopicsyou could use for your questions?Look through our worksheets, videos, textbook, and reflect on the themes from our active learning quizzes.________________Example that would earn full credit:Question: In what Phase of Childhood discussed in lecture was the contemporary understanding of childhood invented?A Phase 1 childhoodB First half of Phase 2 for lower-class families, second half of Phase 2 for middle- and upper-class familiesC First half of Phase 2 for middle- and upper-class families, second half of Phase 2 for lower-class familiesD. Phase 3 childhoodExplanation: We know that Phase 1 childhood was marked by parents not “loving” their children in the same way we understand childhood today and there wasn’t much room for sentiment a life that is completely absorbed in household production. But in the first half of Phase 2 childhood, children in middle-class families were idealized, doted on, and given love, affection, and protection from the “dangers of the world.” This was extended to lower-class children in the second half of Phase 2 childhood when compulsory labor laws and compulsory schooling were introduced.


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