questions 4(S)
March 29, 2021
At the top of the following page is the trial balance for Boudreaux Company as of December 31….
March 29, 2021

data data everywhere

Complete the following:use the template in the attachment

  • Watch or read the following resources:
    • Differentiating Instruction: It’s Not as Hard as You Think (Links to an external site.)
    • 3 Ways Student Data Can Inform Your Teaching (Links to an external site.)
    • Primary Grades: Flexible Grouping During Literacy Centers: A Model for Differentiating Instruction (Links to an external site.)


  • Determine the mean, median, and mode for the summative test results data only.
  • Discuss the following making reference to the course text:
    • Examine the Week 4 Data Chart and Bar GraphsPreview the document related to summative assessment results.
      • What does the data tell you about how learners performed on the summative assessment? Explain. Refer to both the bar graph about test results and incorrect answer choices.
    • Discuss how you would use this information to inform your instruction. Be specific.
      • For example, consider the incorrect answer choices data and link it to your summative assessment. For the questions that learners received the most incorrect answers, how might you reteach the concept and differentiate for those who already mastered it using flexible grouping? How might you give feedback to your learners based on the test results?
    • Describe how the mean, median, and mode different? Similar?
      • Describe different situations in which each of the mean, the mode, or the median would be the most appropriate measure of central tendency, and relate it to your test results data. Which measure of central tendency would be most appropriate for your test results and why? How might you use this data when sharing results with the learners or parents of the learners?
    • Describe the importance of understanding statistics in the education profession.
      • How might it improve your practice and support learning? Use evidence from the readings to support your response.

Writing and Formatting Expectations

Your Data, Data Everywhere! assignment

  • Must three double-spaced pages in length including the graphs, computation of mean, median, and mode, and the reflection (does not include the title or reference page


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