Discussion 1: Sara Parker and Ethics

Explain how your data collection process is consistent and reliable
June 16, 2020
Describe the decision-making framework or model you will choose and the rationale for choosing it. Of the three change models—PDSA, Kotter, or Rogers—which would you choose to use and why? What makes the other two less useful? What influence did your leadership profile have on your choices?
June 26, 2020

Discussion 1: Sara Parker and Ethics

One of the reasons there can be so much debate  about ethical issues is because ethics are opinions informed by people’s  values and people have different values. People can disagree about  whether or not something is unethical, and, oftentimes, there is no  right answer. In order to make decisions about what may be ethical or  unethical, Yegidis (2018, p. 25) suggests focusing on these three  questions: “Who should benefit or suffer from the actions of the researcher?” “Whose rights should take priority over those of others?” “Does the end (increased knowledge) justify the means (the methods used to acquire it and their potential for harm)?”
For this Discussion, view the Sessions  episode on the Parker family. As you do so, consider which, if any,  ethical mandates or standards were violated. By Day 3
Post a response explaining your  reaction to the Parker episode. Be sure to address whether or not the  social worker violated any ethical mandates or standards. Also explain  which strategies could have been used to guide ethical practice.  Finally, describe the responsibility of the social workers in the Parker  case. Please use the resources to support your answers.
Parker Episode
 Parker Family Episode 4Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I think we should wrap things up. Does this same timework for you next week?FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, it’s fine.FEMALE SPEAKER: Let me give you an appointment card. By the way,something occurred to me that might interest you. I have a colleague that’s doinga study on the impact of hoarding on family members. She wants to identifypotential interventions. I think she’d love to talk to you and Stephanie.FEMALE SPEAKER: Talk to me?FEMALE SPEAKER: She’s paying participants in her study. I don’t know howmuch.FEMALE SPEAKER: Do I have to do it? I– I just don’t like people knowing mybusiness.FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s totally confidential and anonymous.FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know.FEMALE SPEAKER: I think it’d be a great opportunity for you.FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know. Would she have to come see my home? Imean, I don’t like people seeing how I live.FEMALE SPEAKER: Don’t worry about that. You should at least talk to her. Like Isaid, there’s some money in it for you. Can I give her your number? 
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