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discussion 6 ors and customer service

Background (Read Carefully)

Imagine that you have been working as a customer service agent/rep at ORS’ call center for almost two years. This has been a great way for you to learn about customers and develop your service and problem solving skills.

Your company has been using a home grown CRM service system but it’s old and outdated. There are any problems with it. Despite this, your performance has been top notch. Over 90% of your customers rave about your service and give you outstanding Net Promoter Scores.

Your boss was just promoted, leaving her position open…and it was offered to you! The caveat is that the call center will be expanding its services. Your company just merged with another office supply company. Your new job will involve setting up a new contact center CRM system, new processes, training new agents and measuring their performance. You will have a team of 25 agents under your responsibility.

You are tasked with making sure that your agents deliver outstanding service in the way customers choose to start a conversation, from anywhere and with any device: email, phone, SMS, social media, online communities or real-time web chat. The company decided to go with Salesforce Service Cloud to help in achieving these service goals one year after implementation:

  • Increase agent productivity by 30%
  • Increase the speed in first contact case resolutions by 35%
  • Increase customer retention by 25%
  • Convert 20% of leads (inquiries) into customers


PART 1. You just completed your basic Service Cloud and Contact Center Transformation training. Your manager has asked you to submit a written plan (approx. 500 words) on how you plan to use Service Cloud to achieve the company’s service goals. Using the information you have learned from the Trailhead modules about service functions, explain how you would use the Service Cloud features/products to provide omni-channel customer experiences. Be sure to discuss three (3) key features and how these features would help you be more effective in your efforts. If you’re going to be recognized as an effective call center team leader, you must generate the results above.

PART 2. After reviewing the Module 12 materials on the Implementation of CRM, discuss three steps you would take to encourage use and adoption of the new technology by your service agents. If they don’t use it, you won’t achieve the goals you are accountable for.


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