Create a presentation that describes the importance of healthy sleep hygiene in optimal functioning.Your psychology club has been asked to present to a local Parent-Teacher Association on the effects of sleep deprivation in teenagers.
March 29, 2021
March 29, 2021

dq 6 discussion questions

Discussion Questions

For class periods designated “DQ” in the course schedule, each student will provide two discussion questions based on the reading(s) listed on the course schedule for that date. If two readings are assigned, you should write a discussion question for each of the readings. If three readings are assigned for a specific date, you may write two discussion questions focused on two of the readings; however, individual discussion questions that each address the relationships between two or three of the readings assigned for a “DQ” date often are the most interesting ones. On dates when more than one chapter is assigned from the Lule or Jin textbook, you should not write two discussion questions that focus on two chapters from the same textbook.Discussion questions must be word-processed (single-spaced) and brought to class. In the case of discussion questions, under usual circumstances, “completing the assignment” means that you bring questions to class and engage in discussion of them, as opposed to sending the discussion questions to me by email, leaving them in my mailbox, or asking a peer to hand in your questions because you are not attending class. Having no funds to print your paper or having “printer problems” on a campus with numerous computer labs is not an acceptable excuse for failing to turn in hard copies during the class period when discussion questions are due. The requirements for discussion questions are that 1) they must be based on the readings listed on the course schedule for the “DQ” date; 2) they should not be rhetorical; 3) they should not already be answered in the readings; and 4) they should not be technical questions about what the author wrote. Instead, your questions should raise issues about the reading and its content. Questions, for example, may address a disagreement that you have with the author’s position, the relationship of an author’s claims to those in other course readings, or how the information and

You are going to ask two questions from both two readings, G&M: Chapt. 7 and CP: Flew. you don’t need to answer them, but the answers should be funded in the readings parts. Your questions should be at least one page.


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