September 5, 2021
September 5, 2021

due 6 hours

Group is Hispanic Advantages & Disadvantages of Group Identity Some group identities may provide us with certain advantages or disadvantages. These may also change over time. Minority response patterns may be either more or less effective in terms of societal integration and economic success. For your sixth journal entry, you will need to choose an article from the list of peer reviewed articles posted in doc sharing or locate your own article from the databases in McAfee Library Online. Read the peer reviewed research article and determine how it relates to your answer to the questions below. In incorporating your peer reviewed research, clearly identify the main findings of the study. Explain how the research and findings apply to what you’ve written in answer to the questions. How do these findings either support or refute your own experiences? Do you feel your group identity provides you with either advantages or disadvantages or some of both? Why? How do you feel these advantages/disadvantages compare with others of your identity group and with members of other identity groups in terms of life chances? Do you feel the response patterns and coping strategies used by your identity group have played a role in your own life chances? Why or why not? Have you as an individual followed the same strategies or different ones? Are there more effective strategies you believe might have been used by your identity group? If so, what are they? What makes you feel they would be more successful?


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