Project art 2
February 21, 2021
Advise Gino and Marcia about the different organs of the company and their respectiveroles
February 21, 2021

Equity sheet

Assignment Summary:

Track weekly stock prices in a spreadsheet and prepare a 3-5 page summary paper of your findings.


• 3-5 page paper is due to be uploaded

• Follow APA format, double space, include a title and a reference page. Note:

The 3-5 page requirement does not include the title page and reference page.

During this course, we will discuss many different issues related to your equity tracking project including: Market capitalization, Beta, EPS, P/E, Stock Splits, Share Prices, and issues regarding specific firms and their corresponding market sectors. This is an open paper – topic of your choice. I would like to see you take an aspect of the data you gathered and analyze it in comparison with the market performance (S&P 500), companies in the same sector, or companies in a different sector.

Please discuss at least 2 variables you have tracked. Expand and show me what you have learned this semester. In my opinion, a paper that I will grade favorably will right out of the box lay out what it is going to discuss. For example: Between May X and June X, stock XYZ showed a ____ performance in the ____ indicator. This could indicate _________. When comparing stock XYZ with (market sector) or another firm, it _______. In an even broader analysis I compared the findings with the market portfolio, by examining the performance of stock XYZ with the S&P 500 index. This indicated______. Then go on to show me a little deeper thinking. I want to see what you think of this…. in your own words, and in your own thoughts. I am looking for a bit more depth. DO NOT – compare random companies in different sectors. You can compare market sectors, like airlines to finance, but not individual companies in different sectors, like Apple performance versus Southwest Airlines. That would be more in lines with a portfolio analysis course – I am looking for corporate finance topics. Comparing Apple to Southwest would be, as they say in economics, like comparing apples to oranges. Stick to comparing apples to apples, or tech sector stocks to other tech sector stocks. share price, market capitalization, beta, eps, p/e, stock splits, and even economic factors that impacted the market as a whole.


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