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July 7, 2022
survey about the digital learning culture, including digital communication. In preparation for designing your survey, review Section 35 of Ch. 7, “Survey Research” of Research Methods in Psychology on the characteristics of an effective survey question.
July 7, 2022
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Essay #6


For this assignment, compose an essay that addresses the following below:


– Describe the components of municipal solid waste that are most suitable and least suitable for thermal processing.

– Explain the components of WTE plants.

– Summarize treatment of emissions from WTE plants.


Compute the heat value using a calorimeter: In a particular test, a 12-gram sample of refuse-derived fuel was placed in a calorimeter. 

The temperature rise following the test was 4.34°C. If the refuse has a heat capacity of 8540 calories/°C, what is the heat value of the test sample in calories/gram?


Compute flow rate and temperature downstream from a WTE plant: Flow rate and temperature measurements were made along a river upstream of a WTE plant. The river temperature was recorded as 18°C, and the flow rate was 20 m³/s. Cooling water from a WTE plant flows into the river at a rate of 4 m³/s and a temperature of 78°C. 


     1. What is the flow rate in the river downstream of the WTE plant in m³/s? 


     2. What is the river temperature downstream of the WTE plant in °C?




Please include a title page and introduction.


Please include at least 5 resources including the attached resource provided.


Please include complete URLs/DOIs for all references used in essay.


Thank you!

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