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July 7, 2022
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Essay #8



Please compose an essay that addresses the following items listed below:


– Examine the role of politics in successful municipal solid waste programs.


– Explore the role of leadership for successful municipal solid waste programs.


– Analyze financial costs of municipal solid waste management on human populations.


– Provide a solution to the following scenario: 

A community wants to build a transfer station that has a capital cost of $3 million. To pay off the cost with equal annual payments over a 15-year period at an annual interest rate of 6.125%, what is the cost of each annual payment?



Please include a title page, introduction and the following:


•Include images, charts, graphs, and other types of visual aids to support the content of the essay


•use at least 5 resources to support your information including the attached resources provided.



•use this textbook as a reference in the essay:


Worrell, W. A., Vesilind, P. A., & Ludwig, C. (2016). Solid waste engineering: A global perspective (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning US.




Please also provide all URLs/DOIs referenced in essay.


Thank you!

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