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September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020

evidence based treatment programming

In a research study published in 1974 commonly referred to as the “Nothing Works” report, Robert Martinson and his colleagues were presumed to have concluded that attempts at rehabilitation will always be unsuccessful. Current research on correctional programming indicates the opposite: Evidence-based approaches are successful in reducing recidivism.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources and identify the elements of a successful correctional rehabilitation program based on the corrections research.

Provide a description of an effective evidence-based offender treatment or reentry program. Identify a minimum of three evidence-based elements of this program. Explain which element you think is most important and why.

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    Offenders Or Citizens: Readings in Rehabilitation by Priestley, P. Copyright 2010 by Willan Publishing, Ltd. Reprinted by permission of Willan Publishing, Ltd., via the Copyright Clearance Center.

  • Latessa, E. J. (2004). The challenge of change: Correctional programs and evidence-based practices. Criminology and Public Policy, 3(4), 547–559.
  • Raphael, S., & Ludwig, J. (2003). Prison sentence enhancements: The case of Project Exile. In P. J. Cook & J. Ludwig (Eds.), Evaluating gun policy: Effects on crime and violence (pp. 251–286). Washington, DC: Brookings Institution. Retrieved from…


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