Beer’s law relates the concentration c os a solution to the absorbance of light A sue to the species.
October 19, 2020
Hello. I recently performed an experiment to determine the activation energy of sodium hypoclorite (NaOCl), using Co(N03)2 as a catalyst.
October 19, 2020



Who Are the Experts? 

Create a PowerPoint presentation of five (5) types of experts in the field of psychology that could testify in court proceedings. For each expert, you will create (1) a title slide, (2) a slide detailing the educational requirements of the profession, (3) a slide explaining the types of cases that would require that type of expert, and (4) a slide showing a real-life example of that type of expert ‘in trial. You will also create a slide introducing the presentation as well as a final slide listing your sources in APA format.


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