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February 26, 2021
February 26, 2021

exploring tax scenarios 1

This week, we are going to explore research related to tax scenarios.

Please be sure to utilize the AAA and BNA resources provided in our course to assist you in answering the scenarios below. It is important to learn how to explore these two resources as they will be used in future classes for coursework and also in your career for your employer. The BNA resource should be utilized for tax research as it contains the latest updates and helpful information. Just a reminder! Thank you!

Please review the tax scenarios below and select one for your posting.


Jennifer Davies, one of your tax clients, is contemplating making the following gifts: $25,000 to her church, $30,000 to each of her two grandchildren, $10,000 to her sister, and $15,000 to the local symphony orchestra. Ms. Davies has asked your firm what the tax consequences of these gifts will be to her and her husband. Among the issues you will want to discuss is the possibility of splitting some or all of the gifts with her husband. Ms. Davies is already aware of the term “gift splitting” because one of her friends has mentioned it to her. However, she does not understand how it works or whether it may be advantageous to her. She has also asked why she can’t simply treat the gifts as “charitable contributions.”

Write a letter to Ms. Davies replying to her inquiry. Invent any information you feel is necessary to make your letter complete.

Please remember, the collaborative approach reviewed in our syllabus will be used on this board.

This week, you will be required you to select a scenario and provide a related communication. This will serve as your initial posting to the discussion board.

For your peer postings, you will be asked to review the written communications from your fellow students and provide insightful, constructive feedback to help them improve their writing skills.

Please review the attached document to assist you in preparing your peer input.

Collaborative Approach Overview.docx

peer review checklist example.docx

Please note scholarly research is required for your initial posting and in your peer postings to earn maximum points. Thank you!


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