ASSIGNMENT 1 and 2: LAB REPORTS Due in Weeks 5 and 10 and worth 240 points each. You are a scientist in your life and in the real world.
November 22, 2020
provide at least one example of how being familiar with and following digital forensic best practices and criminal justice standards would benefit you even if you worked in a non criminal justice digital forensics position
November 22, 2020

faith forum 2

Recruiting and selecting employees for positions has often focused on written examinations, aptitude tests, and interview panels. Sometimes, this testing has been focused on singular abilities rather than looking at the “total package” that each individual human being in the workplace brings to the table. What do you believe scripture teaches about the diversity of gifts and talents that each of us has been given? How do we receive these gifts and talents? For what purpose are they given to us?


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