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June 5, 2021
Why is perceptual organization a problem for the visual system? According to the Gestalt psychologists, how does the visual system go about solving this problem? (In your answer, make sure you talk ab
June 5, 2021
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film reflection 3

Purpose: Chapter 11 of R. Scott Kretchmar et al.’s History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity focuses, in part, on the ethics of performance enhancement. The following film reflection is designed to have students connect the debate on doping to the documentary, “Icarus.”

Skills: This assignment will help students a) think about an issue area of philosophical and historical import and b) cultivate their writing and critical thinking skills.

Knowledge: The skills necessary to craft an argument, organize ideas, and write with concision are transferrable to other settings within and without academia.

Task: The documentary “Icarus” shines a light on the prevalence of doping in elite sport and the challenges associated with policing it. Upon watching the film, do some research into the recent Russian doping scandal and the literature on performance enhancement more broadly. Then, discuss whether sport organizations, like the International Olympic Committee, should ban performance-enhancing substances for elite athletes.

Your reflection should be written as a persuasive essay. You can develop your argument as you see fit. For instance, you might make an argument against doping on the basis of fairness; or, you might make an argument against anti-doping on the basis that it is futile, as athletes and states can circumvent the system.

The essay should be written as a coherent narrative, with a clear opening and closing. Students should draw upon and explicitly reference examples from the film, the text, and additional sources in developing their ideas. Please cite any materials you use in the text itself (i.e., in a parenthetical citation) and a reference list at the end of the reflection.

Sources: The reflection should draw upon R. Scott Kretchmar et al.’s History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity and three additional sources (one scholarly). For information on types of sources, please review the online tutorial on finding and citing sources.

Citations: Citations should follow the APA (6th Edition) format and should be included both a) in-text and b) in a reference list/bibliography. As a general rule, whenever you quote, paraphrase, summarize, or utilize information from a source, you need to cite it in-text. For information on citing sources, please review the online tutorial on finding and citing sources.

Format: Roughly (but no fewer than) two pages; .doc, .docx, or .pdf; Times New Roman; 12-pt. font; double-spaced; one-inch margins.


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