final project i submission final accounting workbook

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final project i submission final accounting workbook

Submit the second part of your final project. Your accounting Final Project Workbook should be a complete, polished artifact reflecting the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document.

This is the final step to a polished workbook

Here is previous feedback that needs to be fixed.

Incorporate the Feedback: All of your entries were correct.
Apply the Accrual Basis of Accounting: Step Five: Your unadjusted trial balance is correct.
Apply Accrual Basis of Accounting: Step Six: You had some errors in your adjusting entries. Here is the solution:

30-Sep Depreciation Expense 250.00
accumulated depreciation 250.00
30-Sep Interest Expense 150.00
Interest Payable 150.00
30-Sep Insurance Expense 400.00
Prepaid Insurance 400.00
30-Sep Baking Supplies Expense 17,400.00
Baking Supplies 17,400.00
30-Sep Office Supplies Expense 550.00
Office Supplies 550.00

Apply Accrual Basis of Accounting: Step Seven:

Once you make the changes above, your total debits and credits in each column of your adjusted trial balance will be 87,101


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