formulate a qualitative data quality checklist

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March 29, 2021
Select A Nurse Theorist And Write A Paper Describing The Background Of The Theorist, The Theory, And Its Application To Nursing Practice.
March 29, 2021

formulate a qualitative data quality checklist

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Review the handout entitled “Chapter 4: Trustworthiness of the Data.”
  2. Create a one-page checklist to be used to evaluate the data to be collected from your selected method.
  3. Divide the checklist into the four criteria used to evaluate data trustworthiness from the handout.
  4. Under each of the four criteria, itemize at least three checks for data quality you will use to assess the final data set after data collection has closed.

Length: 1 page

References: Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly resources used to design the checklist


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