capstone paper 7
November 22, 2020
casestudy 5
November 22, 2020

french amp ravens bases of power

Please answer in apa format and total word count is 300 words. Please use only scholarly sources and cite the source (2). Please make sure response is original and to avoid any issues there will be a plagiarism check.

I want you to consider French & Raven’s bases of power and then I want you to come up with an example of a character from a movie or TV show that illustrates each of the bases (a fictitious character, we’re not evaluating specific people). That would be one character whose base of power on the show or movie that is best explained by one of the bases of power. Five bases and you’ll have five characters (the 5 characters do not have to come from the same movie or show). Now you must explain in great detail why French & Raven’s base best fits that character’s power base.

Your outside academic source would be used to help you explain the bases of power.


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