medical information technology
November 22, 2020
Choose a country from the list below and research the topic “child development” (parent attitudes, children’s behavior, the educational system) from the perspective of that country. Then state your opinion on their beliefs. This project needs to be at l
November 22, 2020

Get Ready Application

The writer should have a health informatics technology experience.
you should follow the Rubrics for both the report and the presentation. The aim is not to focus on so much content but the application itself (Get Ready) from IT point of view. attached are the rubrics, the user survey satisfaction for patients and physicians, the improved outcomes from using the app (pictures) and the content with the overall design of the app.
The report should be 16 pages and the slides 12 slides. The slides must have graphic designs in each slide. If you are not going to follow the exact instructions please don’t send an offer.


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