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March 30, 2021
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March 30, 2021


First, open the website I have created for you and watch the video, and be sure to take notes. Then click on the assignment and rubric and read every detail. You will be graded on those details, so be sure to include them, all of them. Then, begin!

Here is the website to get started.


I included a lot of information so you can be sure to have everything you will need to be successful in writing this paper. It is an important one. Included in the website are:

  1. The instructions and rubric
  2. The EBSCOE database to search for articles (Be sure to click Peer Reviewed). You may use the full article as a source, or you may also use just the abstract as well if the article is lengthy (I am ok with that).
  3. The 5 websites I will allow for sources for your paper. Only these websites can be used besides peer reviewed journals. No other sources allowed except the ones provided.
  4. A link to the librarian and the SLC writing center. Reach out! Ask for help! That is why they are there, and they are magnificent and love helping students. So, if you are not confident in your writing, contact the writing center and get assistance. If you don’t know how to find the articles you are looking for, click ask a librarian. You will be so glad you did. 🙂
  5. ALL THE APA INFO YOU EVER DREAMED OF 🙂 Well, in reality you need to click on EASYBIB and this will create your citations for you. Your paper will be in APA with a cover page and reference page and be 800 words (which is about 2 pages). There are videos showing you how to use the APA citation creator in the website as well, and also examples of APA etc.
  6. The Instructions and rubric page also has all of the links you may need for the SMART Principles of goal setting as well as the two models you can choose between for your paper. Lastly, the link to the Real Age test is there as well. This is based on Chapter 1, so get out that textbook too!

Here is a brief outline to be able to frame your paper. If you did a brief paragraph on each number you will complete your paper in no time at all. The outline follows along with your rubric:

  1. Think back to your Module 1 Behavior Change Assessment and choose a behavior you want to change to improve your health. If you do not have one that stands out to you, or even if you do, I suggest ALL OF YOU take the Real Age Test at www.realage.com It is a Dr. Oz test that will tell you what physical age your body actually is based on a bunch of yes and no answers. So, do it, it only takes a few minutes and then you can use the results to help you decide what to do your paper on. It is awesome! And hey, if we were friends on FB and I posted it, you would probably take it anyway. 🙂
  2. Choose your behavior and goal.
  3. Monitor it for a week.
  4. Start writing! Your 1000 word paper will include:
    1. Cover Page
    2. Introduction
    3. Give background on why you have chosen this behavior and what are the potential and current health issues that stem from your behavior. (This is a good spot for your sources of information from the websites and database).
    4. Identify your goal and discuss if it is a SMART goal and how exactly is it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely?
    5. Use BOTH of the two theories and explain how they best apply to your behavior. Transtheoretical Model AND Health Belief Model
    6. Discuss logging your behavior change topic. Identify clear and specific strategies to achieve your success and outline a clear timeline.
    7. Determine how your chosen behavior change will impact ALL of the Dimensions of Wellness
    8. Summary and conclusion
    9. Reference Page

The Health Belief Model


The Transtheoretical Model



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