Threats to Health Emerging Technologies and their Uses in Healthcare Technology
April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Health professionals

Health professionals Assessment #1 “ Poster- This assignment has an equivalent workload to writing 500 words. Preamble: The assignment seeks to mimic the activities undertaken by health professionals who are working to improve the health of populations. There are two forums where posters are commonly used. 1. Health conferences often have display posters created by researchers at a central meeting point to capture the interest of delegates giving them the opportunity to meet those involved in the research. 2. Health professionals create posters for public display to prompt people to improve their health behaviours orto inform them of new services. Universities aim to link teaching and learning with research activities and this poster is intended to do that. Assessment task: You are to create a posterthat contains research information and a public health message. Assessment item Assessment setting: Imagine you have been asked to present your idea to improve population health. Choose one ofthe topics listed below and prepare a poster using power point (see details underthe heading Poster Presentation). Cervical cancer §‚¬’ screening guideline Cervical cancer- suspected risks factors Cervical cancer- immunization Cervical cancer §‚¬’ Human Papilloma firus (HP/) §‚¬’ prevention oftransmission


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