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September 16, 2020
Write an research paper about the Emperor Ashoka in ancient india Paper details: write an research..
September 16, 2020

healthy people 2020 17

Your assignment is to complete a research paper; minimum 10 pages, (must include a reference page) which discusses The Healthy People 2020 Initiative. Everything you need to know about Healthy People 2020 is located at . Please write your paper as if the reader (ME) knows nothing about The HEALTHY PEOPLE Initiative, be very detailed; specific and explain everything.

  1. Discuss the history of the HEALTHY PEOPLE initiative dating back to the year 2000 ( ), please include in your discussion initiative years 2000, and 2010 lessons learned.
  2. You should devote several pages to summarizing the Healthy People 2020 Initiative.
  3. In the section that discusses Implementing Healthy People 2020 explain MAP-IT and discuss what New York State’s plan (look under: state plans).
  4. Of the list of objectives ( ) pick one and tell me what New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene ( ) is doing to address that particular objective.
  5. Do a literature review; look for articles from other sources that may discuss the Healthy People 2020 Initiative. Look for positive/negative feedback and/or commentary.

You must follow APA style of writing (refer to the Hacker Book), minimum 10 pages, MUST include reference page (or grade will be reduced)


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