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June 5, 2021
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June 5, 2021
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help me writing my paper 9

Hello there, I would like you to help me writing or answering these 2 questions.

question 1

Let’s talk about the annotated bibliography topics and practice writing a sample annotated bibliography together. You can include both parts of this prompt (bibliography topic and sample bibliography) in the same post. Be sure to clearly mark each part.

Part I: Annotated Bibliography topic—Everyone will answer this one and respond to at least one of your fellow classmates’ posts.

For the annotated bibliography topic, choose a focus from our class that we have covered thus far or will cover in Week 4. Remember, you will build on this assignment in Week 4 with your final paper, so review the Week 4 Final Paper assignment before deciding on a topic for your annotated bibliography. Have you chosen your topic? If so, what is it and why did you choose that topic? If not, what topics are you considering?

Part II: Sample Annotated Bibliography—Each student will respond to at least one of your classmates’ post from each part (summary and evaluation). This means for Part II, everyone will have a minimum of three posts: your original on the article summary or evaluation, followed by one response each to a summary and evaluation post by classmates.

We will work with the article on procrastination from Week 2. Keep in mind the three parts of an annotated bibliography: Bibliographic Source Information (citation), Summary, and Evaluation. In your responses, each student will write a bibliographic source entry in MLA format for the article. Next, half the class will write a summary of the article and the other half will write an evaluation of the article. Please see the list below for your assigned part.

Students writing Summaries are the following: Helder Calado, Justin Jackson, Laura Natase, Jabob Nipper, Seung Hyun, Raul Ponce

Students writing Evaluations are the following: Admon QoQa, Juan Rivera, Sandey Rueda, David Santos, Cade Sawyer.


question 2

Self-awareness is an important part of your success as a student. For this question, you will be using the results of four short questionnaires to create your own student profile. Before responding to this discussion question, you should have already done the following tasks:

  1. The Meyers Briggs Personality Type survey, found at this link:
  1. The Emotional Intelligence questionnaire, located on page 26 of your textbook
  2. The Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire, found that this link:
  1. The VARK learning styles questionnaire located on pages 60-62 of your textbook.

Now that you have completed these surveys, describe your overall student profile to your classmates. Include the following information in your response:

  • What are the positive attributes, indicated by the surveys, which will help you as a student and a learner?
  • What challenges to your learning and/or life as a student do the surveys highlight? What do you think you can do to meet these challenges?
  • According to the survey results, how do you learn best? What learning activities are not as beneficial? How can you handle a class which is not geared toward your intelligences or learning style?
  • Finally, what do the surveys say about your interpersonal skills and desire for interaction with your professor and fellow classmates in the learning process? Will you do better in groups or alone? How can you improve your interpersonal skills or improve your ability to learn without social interaction?


So these are the 2 question that I need an answer for. I kind of didn’t get what the questions are so that’s why I need your help. Also, let me know if you need any other informations regarding this paper.

Thank you.


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