200 Words Each Discussion Topic
February 23, 2021
​As individuals, administer a “pilot interview” on the issue of volunteering for the community.
February 23, 2021

help with performance review

If you can help me with each section to writing about and write professionally.

I am supervisor need to write performance review on associate.

Summary of Strengths:

in this section if you can write she is excellent with a members/customers. . She always try to do best and always can count on her . ( this can be in 4 5 sentences)

Development Opportunities:

Cheyenne is current on development/action plan. Areas that we feel Cheyenne would need to focus are leadeship/coaching, sales, MRM ( if you can write more professionally).


Cheyenne is a team player and is always willing to assist in anyway possible. She helps the team plan and organize PTP games. ( if you can write more professionally)

Building Member Loyalty: Cheyenne does a wonderful job of building member relationship. She is quick to greet members with a smile by name. ( more professionally)

Quality: Cheyenne has had a few mistakes in her work. She has learned from these mistakes. ( need to write professionally) just couple sentences


Decision Making Cheyenne comfort level increased her decision making and problem solving skills have improved. She gathers information and chooses the appropriate action. If needed, she involves others in her decision.


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