HMD259 University of Nevada Hospitality Management Discussion

We live in a judgmental society
October 19, 2020
Heart disease is one of the largest health concerns facing us. Imagine that a patient came in with early signs of heart disease.
October 19, 2020

HMD259 University of Nevada Hospitality Management Discussion

Each student is required to read a current (within one week of due date) affairs article dealing with some facet of international importance. The article may pertain travel and tourism or it may relate to some aspect of international affairs which would impact travel and tourism(e.g. crime, terrorism, health concerns, political considerations, etc.). The articles may be found in magazines, newspapers, journals or on the internet. You will be required to share a synopsis of the article with your classmates and with the instructor. Therefore, one copy of the synopsis will be posted as a discussion item and one copy will be submitted to the instructor in the space provided on the assignment page. The synopsis should be approximately 100 words in length. Class members are also required to respond as a discussion thread to at least one other student’s synopsis during the week the update is due. Each article synopsis is worth 5 points. Late submissions will not be accepted.

classmate’s synopsis:

As the category 5 Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas on Sunday, there is a state of emergency in the Bahamas in order to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. On the one hand, Grand Bahama International Airport was closed on last Friday but the other Lynden Pindling International Airport is still open. Hurricane not only affects all airlines which doing business in the southeast U.S. to waived change fees and capped fares but also affect most of the cruise lines to changed itineraries to avoid Dorian. On the other hand, how the hurricane affect the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, remains to be seen but officials ask tourists and residents to leave as a precaution. And the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association has asked its plus members to waive cancellation fees.


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