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March 29, 2021
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housing ngos in indonesia and haiti

a written response to the questions below referring to the assigned readings on the 2004 tsunami disaster that wreaked havoc in Indonesia and the 2012 earthquake that devastated Haiti.

  • Compare and contrast the housing aid sector in Indonesia and Haiti and identify the main differences.
  • Select one specific problem that was addressed by an NGO in both disasters and evaluate the effectiveness of the NGO in each case.
  • In your view, what steps could LNGOs, WNGOs, and local governments take to improve housing aid effectiveness in post-disaster environments? List at least one step for each group.

Your response should not exceed 800 words.

Helpful references:

Cacophonies of Aid, Failed State Building and NGOs in Haiti: Setting the Stage for Disaster, Envisioning the Future

I chose this article because the author discusses the effectiveness of local NGOs in the context of rebuilding Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. .

Zanotti, L. (2010).

Competitive Humanitarianism: Relief and the Tsunami in Sri Lanka

I chose this article because the author discusses the challenge of coordinating relief efforts from multiple NGOs in the context of the 2004 tsunami. .

Stirrat, J. (2006).

The Meaning of ‘Build Back Better’: Evidence From Post-Tsunami Aceh and Sri Lanka

I chose this article because the authors discuss the effectiveness of rebuilding in Haiti after the earthquake, basing their account on firsthand data and reports from the field. .

Kennedy, J., Ashmore, J., Babister, E. & Kelman, I. (2008).


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