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October 18, 2020
approximately _______ percent of all the energy released by nutrients is used by the body to carry on its normal functions, such as respiration,
October 18, 2020


Based on the reading materials included in the Background section of Module 4, write a short paper that addresses the following questions:

  1. Can HR metrics and analytics offer evidence to support the continuance of performance appraisal/performance management programs?
  2. Do benefit programs contribute to performance outcomes? Or, have they become entitlement programs that are costly, but add little to organizational effectiveness?  Discuss.
  3. Discuss the issues surrounding the contributions of HR metrics and how their use can increase the appreciation and value of the HR function.

Bring in at least 4 library sources to help strengthen your discussion. Reference any materials cited; cite all materials referenced.

Required Reading

Begin this module by reviewing the link below for calculations pertaining to employee benefits. Retrieved from

Then go on to read the various articles listed below:

Grossman, R. J. (2006). Measuring the value of HR. HR Magazine, 51(12), 44-49. Retrieved from the TUI Library

Kline, T. J. B., & Sulsky, L. M. (2009). Measurement and assessment issues in performance appraisal.Canadian Psychology, 50(3), 161-171. Retrieved from the TUI Library. 

Lester, T. (2002, March). Is HR measuring up? Personnel Today, 26-27. Retrieved from the TUI Library. 

Murphy, T. E. & Zandvakili, S. (2000). Data- and metrics-driven approach to human resource practices: Using customers, employees, and financial metrics. Human Resource Management, 39(1) 93-106.  Retrieved from the TUI Library.

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