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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021


For Monday I’m asking all of you to read a section of Anne M. Wagner’s article “Warhol Paints History, or Race in America,”Preview the documentView in a new window largely for its discussion fo Warhol’s “Death in America” series, from which the Marilyn Diptych, our second major work in the painting unit, is taken. In Wagner’s text, she describes Warhol’s method and painting set-up, as well as a good summary of criticisms of Warhol’s work. Using specific quotations from the text, first describe how Warhol made the Marilyn Diptych, then discuss one of the objections to Warhol’s painting brought up in text. After you’ve done all that, give us your two cents on what you think of Warhol’s method and artistic style (maybe briefly speculating on an interpretation of the Diptych featured above).


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